Craigmore Kindergarten

Project Detail: Children’s Garden
Location: Craigmore, South Australia 5114

Project Summary

Teachers have been working with year 3, 4, and 5 children in the Children’s Garden, flowering natives that are indigenous to the Adelaide Plains. The Children’s Garden also incorporates up-cycled large baskets in which flowering annuals grow such as Marigolds, Cosmos, Forget-Me-Nots and Cornflowers.

Among the most relevant activities, the Children’s Self-Access Shed has been implemented and children are using it to self-access gardening equipment as they work in the garden. Second-hand baskets have been purchased from op shops and planted with purchased seedlings and seeds donated by Yates. Parents were invited to work with their children in the working bee on December 2016.

Additionally, the school staff has followed the advice of Kim Cyrus, a sub-contracted gardening consultant from Yates. During his visit he recommended a citrus orchard, prostrate banksias, native irises, bottle-brushes and wattle trees. Also, he advised the lemon tree be pruned and fertilised which has been completed.

The Results:

craigmore-1 craigmore-2