Happy Little Campers Community Project

Project Detail

Happy Little Campers Early Learning Centre, Five Dock

Project summary

The Yates team were asked for assistance to revive/refresh an old garden bed in the back play area of the centre. The garden had an existing hedged area and a second planting area in front which is currently a makeshift of random plants that were given to them by parents and planted with no real sense of purpose or styling.

The teachers were very enthusiastic about creating a garden that they could use as a learning tool but also be something the children could nurture and watch grow but also get used by the centre itself. They have a cook that comes in each day and hot meals are prepared for the children.

The team at Yates turned half the garden bed into a herb and veggie bed that could be used by centre to grow their own food which will then be used in preparation of the children’s daily meals. The second half of the garden bed was turned into a citrus garden with different varieties of oranges that could be picked through a staggered fruiting season and fed to the children as morning or afternoon snacks.


Hard At Work!

The Results