Memorial Park Community Kindergarten Assn Inc

Winners of a Yates & Junior Landcare Creative Garden Grant in 2014 – They share their story!

Project Detail

Case study spotlight: Memorial Park Community Kindergarten Association Inc put forward a project to create a wooden vertical garden using recycled timber.

Project summary

Memorial Park Community Kindergarten Association put forward a project to create a wooden vertical garden using recycled timber and pvc piping to plant individual plants for each kindergarten child to nurture, and take home at the end of the kindy year. 12 rows of piping were made into free standing frames to hold small pots for each of the 88 children. The frames were concreted securely into the ground with mesh fencing wire and pvc pipes with holes cut for the pots. The children were able to choose from a selection of different plants, recommended by the local nurseries.

The project aims to educate the children on the different ways of growing food as well as plants. The children learn about the needs of plants and the interdependence between planting, watering, weeding. The vertical design of the garden allows for water drainage to seep down onto lower pipe beds, effectively saving on water usage. When the children water their plants, the pvc piping hold the water ensuring none goes to waste and any excesses is recycled. Likewise, the pots can be easily removed if they require some additional sunlight.

Creatively, the design of the garden will enable easy access for the children when weeding. The garden is also to use the worm juice from the schools existing worm farm and the additional plants are for the native bees to visit from their hive.

The aim of the project is for the children to take the individual plant home at the end of the school year. In doing so, the school is hoping to encourage their community of families to continue the project in their home environment, possibly a catalyst for additional garden projects.

“A big thank you to Yates and Junior Landcare for providing the opportunity to enhance our environment and teach children about the environment.” – Memorial Park Community Kindergarten

Yates and Junior Landcare

The inaugural Yates Junior Landcare Creative Gardening Grants see’s 25 wonderful schools and daycare creating garden masterpieces. We are pleased to share that Yates will be creating a new Garden Grants program for 2016 for schools and youth groups to enter. We will be looking for groups who can show innovative ways of creating a garden within their school or community. Grants will be awarded to the most innovative, sustainable and environmentally conscious entries.

Our focus through this program is to encourage schools to get creative in the garden and learn the basics of growing your own.

So we invite you to get out of the garden bed, be inventive, imaginative, create and educate! For more information about entering this year will be available on the Junior Landcare website