Nagambie Preschool and Childcare

Winners of a Yates & Junior Landcare Creative Garden Grant in 2014 – They share their story!

Project Detail

Case study spotlight: Nagambie Preschool and Childcare decided to implement a sensory and vegetable garden in their playground.

Project summary

Nagambie Preschool and Childcare decided to implement a sensory and vegetable garden in their playground. The sensory garden would include a vertical garden attached to a backboard, with the ability to hold different plants that would be texturally, visually and perfumed differently. The vertical garden recycles its own water, and is extremely space saving. A water feature placed in front of the vertical garden to add peace and tranquility. The vegetable garden would be in a raised bed on the ground around the walls of the alcove, with the water feature in the middle.

Nagambie managed to implement 4 garden beds, planted with a variety of vegetables, helping teach the children understand the importance of growing your own food. This is also teaching the children that plants need food, water and light to survive. The recycled vertical garden is showing the children the process of recycling water and the sensory garden is teaching the children that plants can smell, feel, taste and look different.

This was an amazing project to do with the 3yo Fungroup, and the children have so enjoyed putting the garden together from the planning stages to the actual first watering of the plants that we put in.

Yates and Junior Landcare

The inaugural Yates Junior Landcare Creative Gardening Grants see’s 25 wonderful schools and daycare creating garden masterpieces. We are pleased to share that Yates will be creating a new Garden Grants program for 2016 for schools and youth groups to enter. We will be looking for groups who can show innovative ways of creating a garden within their school or community. Grants will be awarded to the most innovative, sustainable and environmentally conscious entries.

Our focus through this program is to encourage schools to get creative in the garden and learn the basics of growing your own.

So we invite you to get out of the garden bed, be inventive, imaginative, create and educate! For more information about entering this year will be available on the Junior Landcare website

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