Product Recall

Product description

Units of Baythroid with batch number 17861 are affected by the recall. These units were sold from December 2014. ONLY cans in this batch, which are 500mL size, are included in the recall. The batch number appears on the upper rim of the can, near the lid.

What are the defects?

When stored lying on their side, some cans in the affected batch may weep very small amounts of product from the lid. Product contact with skin or eyes may cause irritation.

What to do

Handling the product with rubber gloves on, as instructed on the label, check the batch number by looking on the upper metal rim of the can, near the lid. If the product has the affected batch number, double bag it in plastic bags and return it to the place of purchase for a replacement can or a refund. You may also obtain a refund by calling 1300 369 074 or visiting the link. To make your application valid, ensure you complete all your details and attach a photo of the product with the batch number visible.

Request a Refund

Any consumers who have purchased an affected product in Australia they can obtain a refund by visiting or calling 1300 369 074.

To make your application valid ensure you complete all of your details.

Download: Australian Product Recall Information PDF