Autumn’s the season for moving plants

Mar Wk4

March, April and May – when it’s not too hot and not too cold – are great months for transplanting evergreen shrubs and small trees from one spot in your garden to another. The chances of success depend very much on the size of the plant. Generally, the smaller the plant, the easier it will be to move with minimal root disturbance.

When it comes to larger trees and shrubs, you’ll be limited by the weight you can lift. A root ball one metre across can be surprisingly heavy and it may require at least four people to lift it. If the root ball is larger than you can physically handle, you’ll have to cut the roots back to a manageable size, which could cause irreparable damage. In this case it may be better to consult an expert arborist for advice.

Despite these qualifications, there are many things you can do to improve your chances of success at transplanting time, including:


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