Water restrictions

Due to ongoing drought, climate change and an increasing population, many state governments have imposed regulations on water usage within the home and business. These can include restrictions on watering garden beds and lawns, hosing driveways, cleaning vehicles, filling swimming pools and using sprinkler systems. On this page you will find information on water usage policies throughout Australia.


Water Wise Rules now replace drought restrictions in Sydney, Illawarra and Blue Mountains.


The Target 155 website is managed by the Department of Sustainability and Environment in Victoria. It contains helpful information on how to save water around the home as well as current water restrictions.


For a full overview of current and past water restrictions in Queensland, visit the Qld Water Commission.


For up to date information on current restrictions in the Australia Capital Territory, visit Save Water for Life.


Visit the Water Corporation website for water saving advice and current restrictions in Western Australia.


South Australia Water is the place to find out current water restrictions for the state of South Australia.


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