How to Protect your Citrus Plants


Common Citrus Plant Pests

Citrus Leaf Miner

Citrus Leaf Miner is a pest that attacks all varieties of citrus, including some Australian native species. The adult is a tiny, night flying moth. But it’s not the moth that actually does the damage, it’s their larvae. Eggs are laid on new leaves where they hatch and tunnel their way through the leaves leaving a squiggly, silver trail in their path. They target new leaf growth.
They won’t kill trees, but the trees will be stunted and unhealthy, reducing yield. Cut off any damaged, curled or rolled leaves that might be hiding the caterpillars.

Key symptoms: Scribble-like white markings, distorted/twisted leaves, common on new growth.

Scale Insects

Scale insects are sap sucking pests that are commonly found on leaves, stems and stalks. Often white in colour, but other scales are red, brown, pink. They suck the fruit trees’ sap and may excrete a sticky “honeydew” on the leaves that attracts ants.

Key symptoms: Immobile bumps along leaves, stems and stalks, presence of a black sooty mould on leaves and stems.

How to protect your plants

PestOil Insect Control Spray is a very effective solution to preventing and controlling Citrus Leafminer and Scale insect pests on citrus plants.

PestOil is a refined pest oil control solution that works to smother pests that are present and also works as a preventative of citrus leaf miner.

Learn more about PestOil and how to apply to protect your plants.

Tip: To prevent Citrus Leaf Miner issues regular application of PestOil deters moths from laying eggs.


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