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Medium_dsc01043 Photinia Glabra Rubens hedge leaves are turning brown then yelow then dies

My Photinia Glabra Rubens hedge is 3 year old. Over the lasy few months I lost 4 shrubs and 2 have started to be affected (out of 25 shrubs).Leaves turn brown for weeks then dries. Soil is wet to moist when i test it. they are planted in clay. when i dug the holes i put some gypsum at the bottom to increase drainage. They are planted in gardin soil with water crystals added. The last one to be affected has the new red leaves folding. I went to three nurseries without much help. Last one recommended yates anti Rot. I used "Pest Spray" (insecticide, fungicide, miticide) over the last two weeks. At that time the last one was OK. I replaced 3 so far the roots are big and strong.Photos attached for last one to die and another one.

Submitted: 04:02PM, 22 Oct 2011
Answer: Hi Omar,
The symptoms shown in the photgraph do resemble root rot which is caused by diseases such as pythium and phytophthora. If the soil is very clayey then try and improve the drainage and keep adding compost to help break down the clay. Apply Yates Anti Rot to the foliage and this will be translocated throughout the plant to help control the root rot. You may have to consider planting a different plant which will cope with the wetter conditions.
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Answered: 04:25PM, 24 Oct 2011


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