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Medium_stem disease or not disease?

it is in a pot. no saucer. no fertilizer has been well as the leaves the stems are changing colour. picture attached. the stems dye out completely. what was a healthy stem that was flowering it dyes completly. is this a natural characteristic of the plant or is it diseased?

Submitted: 02:16PM, 06 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi Stefan,

Your plant appears to have ‘dieback’. This can occur when there is insufficient nutrients available to the plant and it begins to dieback from the tips down. If the stem of the plant is incorrectly pruned, dieback can occur. This is why it is important when pruning to cut close to the bud on the stem of the plant which will enable the plant to produce new growth from that point.

At this stage, cut back the brown stem to a point where it is still green. Water the plant well and give it some liquid fertiliser on a regular basis which will encourage it to shoot and produce new growth. A seaweed solution will help to lessen stress on the plant and help it to recover.

Answered: 03:23PM, 06 Jan 2012


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