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Why doesn't our mandarin tree flower?

Submitted: 12:10PM, 07 Jan 2019
Answer: Hi Nadia,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We received a huge amount of queries over the Christmas break that we’re slowly working our way through. We appreciate your patience!
Sorry to hear that your mandarin hasn’t flowered.

I’m not sure how old your mandarin tree is however young citrus trees can take a few years to get established and start producing flowers. You can really help things along by feeding it regularly. Citrus trees are really hungry!

Look for a specialised citrus food like Yates Thrive Citrus Food, which is a liquid that you mix into a watering can. Mix 1 – 2 capfuls into 9 L of water and apply this every 1 – 2 weeks from spring until mid autumn. This citrus food is boosted with potassium too, which is the nutrient that encourages flowering, so it will remind the tree that you’d like some flowers and fruit too!

Start feeding now and hopefully come September you’ll see a lovely flush of fragrant white flowers.

Good luck!


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Answered: 11:12AM, 08 Feb 2019


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