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something is eating my basil leaves and leaving holes in them

I just planted two new basil plants in the same pot. It is outside in the garden and most of one plant and some of the other has had its leaves eaten away. There are holes all over the leaves. Please can you help me with which bug this might be. I have a yates caterpillar killer that I have sprayed on it today, but it looks different to the damage that I saw on my last plants that had caterpillars.

Submitted: 07:25PM, 06 Oct 2010
Answer: Hi there,
Without seeing the leaves it is hard to know what may be eating your basil. It has been wet so if you have seen some silvery trails it could be snails but it still could be caterpillars. The best thing to do is have a look at night thats when most things come out and if its caterpillars keep using your caterpillar spray.
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
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Answered: 09:05AM, 07 Oct 2010


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