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my banocy has more sunlight will that kill any plants if i keep watering them in their pots

i live on the 2nd floor units block and every day ive more sunlight then i can have im still worried if i start planting my herbs and chillies r they gunna live even knowing i b watering them every day and i also do get alot of rain on there but nt enough to flood the floor of it but a bit of rain tammy

Submitted: 08:36AM, 05 Sep 2011
Answer: Herbs and chillies thrive in sunny spots so don’t be too concerned about them surviving on a balcony.
Should your balcony faces west, however, it will get particularly hot in mid summer if there isn’t any protection (shadecloth, a trellis or taller growing plants) to filter the harsh sunlight.
Your herbs will cope well with the heat if they are planted into reasonable sized plastic pots (avoid small, black plastic or terracotta pots) and kept well watered or you may consider planting them into water well pots.
Using a good quality potting mix is also important – not only will it improve the performance of the plant but the water crystals and soil wetter within will help your plants cope with dryness.
Answered: 04:29PM, 05 Sep 2011


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