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leaf eating

I have a problem with something eating all the leaves on beans and radishes along with my passionfruit tree can any one help tell me what maybe doing this

Submitted: 11:08AM, 09 Nov 2011
Answer: Hi Robert,

At this time of year there are of moths laying eggs and consequently lots of caterpillars feeding on our crops. Snails & Slugs are also busy at this time of the year.

To control caterpillars, we would recommendn that you use Success Naturalyte Insect Control or Yates Caterpillar Killer, Dipel.

For snail control, products such as Blitzem Snail & Slug Pellets or Baysol can be used.

With regard to the leaves on your passionfruit vine, again check for caterpillar or other creatures such as possums.

Answered: 10:25AM, 11 Nov 2011


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