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Answer: Canas’ are a popular colourful plant which are generally quite hardy. They range in size from 30cm to 2.5m tall. They need to be in full sun with...
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Answered: 09:01AM, 19 Mar 2015
Answer: What you are doing is fantastic, without a 100% positive identification it is hard to advise as to the best course of action. As what you have done...
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Answered: 12:47PM, 27 Mar 2015
Answer: Depending on how long it has been flowering for the plant may just be a bit tired and getting to the end of their life cycle. If it has finished pr...
Answered: 03:52PM, 15 May 2015
Answer: Orchids are a lovely plant to have in your home, but they can be a little tricky to get them to flower. Yes, you have done the right thing in cutti...
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Answered: 03:21PM, 04 Jan 2016
Answer: Hi Liz Dahlias are a great plant to have in the garden. Once they have finished flowering just cut off the flowers and let the plant do its thing u...
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Answered: 01:58PM, 21 Apr 2016
Answer: Hi Emily, Thank you for contacting Yates. Being a temperate plant, Arabian jasmine needs regular feeding and watering. Sanding soil and full sun lo...
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Answered: 05:46PM, 16 Apr 2018
Answer: Hi George, Thank you for contacting Yates. At this present time, we don’t believe this cultivar is currently available in Australia. If you&#...
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Answered: 11:44AM, 13 May 2019