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Will Yates pathweeder kill a large established tree

I have a large jacaranda that I’d like to keep healthy. The ground underneath is absolutely covered in various grasses, weeds and sedge. Also, some roots of the tree are exposed and getting damaged when mowed. I’d like to kill all the weeds and basically everything under the tree and create a large mulch area to the drip line, without harming the tree. If I spray or water in, Yates path weeder, will it harm the jacaranda?

Also, I have garden beds that have had a plague of pitchforks, there are some shrubs in the garden bed, but lots of bare soil where new pitchfork seedlings keep coming up. I’d like to use the residual properties of pathweeder to stop new weeds coming up, but am worried about existing shrubs. If I water it into the soil, and am careful not to get on the leaves, will it still kill my shrubs?

Submitted: 04:57PM, 11 Jan 2019
Answer: Hi Amal,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

We do not recommend using ‘Yates Pathweeder’ in an actively growing garden bed. To effectively control the weeds underneath your Jacaranda tree, we recommend ‘Zero Weedkiller Super Concentrate’ as a non-selective herbicide.

To prevent any herbicide-drift in the air or any of the roots taking up the herbicide, we recommend painting the product directly on to the weeds using a ‘Yates Zero Weeding Brush’. You may need to reapply for more troublesome weeds.

Please do not allow any of the product to come into contact with your lawns, plants or trees.

Once mature weeds have been controlled, to prevent more weeds from reoccurring, lay down weedmat making sure the pieces of weedmat overlap and are pinned down using weedmat pins. Once the weedmat is laid down, top with a layer of coarse mulch (50-75mm thick).

Unfortunately, over time weeds will eventually reoccur on top of the weedmat growing in the mulch, however these weeds should be less troublesome. Continue to control with the above-mentioned Zero and brush.

In future once the mulch has decomposed, place it back underneath the weedmat and relay the existing weedmat, and reapply a fresh layer of mulch.

Please always read the label carefully before applying any of our products.

Joyful gardening!

Kind regards,

Yates Horticulturist

Category: Weeds
Answered: 09:22AM, 12 Feb 2019


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