How To Grow Bromeliads


For a feature plant in a shady or sheltered area in the garden or even for indoors, you cannot look past the Bromeliad. All arising from the same family (Bromeliaceae) there are a wide range of bromeliads to choose from. They provide great foliage colour and form to the garden, can grow in trees and even produce fruit (just look at the pineapple!). Easy to grow and propagate they are a must have for the avid or beginner gardener.

Position – Best grown in filtered sun
Water – Water sparingly
Soil – Well drained soils or orchid potting mixes
When To Grow – Can be grown in all areas except the coldest climatic zones

How To Grow

Step 1 – Choose a pot the same size or slightly larger than the bromeliad’s original pot.
Step 2 – If you are growing the bromeliad in a plastic pot, place some stones at the base of the pot to assist with stability. This is not required if you are using a terracotta or stone pot.
Step 3 – Fill the chosen pots with speciality orchid or bromeliad potting mix.
Step 4 – Create a hole in the prepared pot that is the same size as the root ball.
Step 5 – Position in hole and backfill, gently firming down. Water in well. If the plant is unstable, you can use some supports such as stones to hold it upright while its roots settle in.
Step 7 – Feed sparingly every in Spring and Autumn with Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver and Plant Fertiliser

Growing Tips


Exclusive to our Garden Club, we have put together a comprehensive e-guide featuring our Top 10 indoor plants! Packed full of growing guides and caring tips to help you bring some green indoors.

Yates Top 10 Indoor Plants e-guide


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