The Problem

Onion Weed

Nothoscordum inodorum

What is Onion Weed?

Onion weed is a proclaimed noxious weed for most of NSW and WA, and for all of Tas, SA and Vic. Onion weed is a perennial with thin green strappy leaves growing from a mainly white bulb which gives off an onion smell when crushed. Flowers grow at the top of a long stalk and are mainly white. Seeds form in summer and autumn and are spread mostly by wind blowing the seeds into new areas. Onion weed also develops small bulblets attached to the parent bulb. These sprout after the main parent bulb has died from herbicide such as Zero Glyphosate Weedspray or from breaking off when the weed is being pulled up. Therefore repeat applications onto the weed will probably be required. The Zero Weeding brush is a safe way to apply zero for spot weeding which will avoid contact with wanted plants in the garden.

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