Sweet Basil (Organic)

Sweet Basil (Organic)

Abundant bunches of lush green leaves with rich fragrance. This annual plant has a sweet, spicy flavour. Yates organic seeds have been grown just as nature intended, under strictly controlled, organic, chemical free conditions.



  • Annual
  • Superbly Aromatic
  • Quick and easy to grow


Sow direct where they are to grow. Cover with Yates Seed Raising Mix, firm down and keep moist. Thin seedlings to 20cm apart. Can be grown indoors in pots in well-lit areas.


Plant in full sun in a well-drained soil. Water regularly. Frequent picking ensures a continuous supply.


Great companion plant for tomatoes, cucumbers and corn. Can be used to flavour bruschetta, pasta and salads. Mature plants can be cut and dried for winter use.

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