International Cuisine

Grow your own fresh ingredients to use in a variety of international dishes. Chinese and Asian dishes are among the easiest dishes to grow and prepare. Try a few of these vegetables to jazz up your home menus, they are easy to grow and take up little space.


Capsicum 'Colour Salad Selection'

A choice collection of colourful capsicums in various shapes and sizes including green, orange, red and purple. Superb for salads.


Chinese Broccoli 'Kailaan'

This is a quick growing vegetable with a very pleasant and unique flavour.  Especially suited for stir-fry or steaming.


Chinese Cabbage 'Buk Choy' (White Stem)

Has an interesting mild flavour and is widely used in Oriental cooking. Very quick maturing.


Chinese Cabbage 'Wombok'

A versatile salad vegetable. Firm, upright heads provide tasty leaves like lettuce and stalks like celery.


Eggplant 'Blacknite'

Rich deep purple fruit.  Smooth skinned and good sized.  A vigorous, high yielding variety.


Mesclun 'French Salad Mix'

Grow all the leafy ingredients for a flavour-filled salad.  Mesclun Mix includes endive, corn salad, rocket, chicory and a selection of colourful lettuces.


Snow Peas (Climbing)

A climbing variety producing edible, nutty flavoured pods, that are widely used in oriental cooking and in salads. A real delicacy.