Seed Tapes - Spring Onion 'Straight Leaf'

A crisp and crunchy spring onion with tasty white stems and superb green leaves. Popular variety that is quick to grow. Ideal for salads and garnishes. Upright growth habit keeps leaves clean and free from disease.


Sunny position


Choose a sunny, well-drained spot in the garden. Work in Yates Thrive Granular Complete Plant Food, and dig or rake soil to a fine crumbly surface. Form a groove about 1cm deep into the moist soil. Place the tape in the bottom of the groove and lightly cover the tape with moist soil, and keep well watered. Remember the tape can be cut to any length. Allow 30cm between rows. Thin young plants if necessary.


Shoots are crisp early in the season and develop a stronger flavour when mature. Protect from snails and slugs with Yates Blitzem.