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If you would like to be up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of seed this is the place where you can check out new seed varieties and seed gift ideas. Yates have always been a leader in gardening and we take pride in being able to bring exciting new seed products to the home gardener. If you are interested in buying any Yates products , you’ll find a list of major retailers in the ‘Where to Buy’ section of the website.


Ageratum Blue Mink

A delightful dwarf plant with soft, fluffy blue flowers. Makes an excellent display in pots, window boxes, as a border or for indoor decoration.


Basil - Purple

Abundant bunches of deep purple leaves with a rich fragrance. This annual herb looks attractive and has a sweet, spicy flavour that complements many dishes.


Cucumber Continental

This slender, extra-long cucumber is sweetly flavoured and can be sliced or diced to add cool flavour to many dishes.


Gerbera Colour Mix

Gerberas, with their colourful daisy flowers sitting on top of upright stems, are some of the most popular cut flowers.


Mustard Red Leaf

Purplish red leaves, with a strong mustard flavour


Okra - Clemson Spineless

Slender green pods, which are used as a green vegetable or for flavouring and thickening soups and stews.


Squash Yellow Button

A sweet and tender, golden-coloured baby squash that produces an abundant crop in the garden or in a pot.


Sweet Pea May Gibbs Fairy

Dwarf, ground-covering plants produce bicoloured pink blooms in late spring and early summer.


Sweet Pea Pink Diana

Large fragrant blooms in shades of pink produce an eye-catching garden display


Tomato Heirloom Favourites

A lucky dip selection of heritage tomatoes in a variety of colours and flavours. These time-honoured favourites taste the way tomatoes should.


Tomato Summerstar

This hardy variety produces generous quantities of smooth-skinned, deep-red tomatoes with good flavour.


Wild Rocket

Wild Rocket has deep green, very serrated leaves that have a stronger flavour than standard Rocket.