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Summer holiday survival guide for the garden

Here are some tips to help your garden make it through the holidays

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Read more about Caring for Christmas trees

Caring for Christmas trees

A guide to caring for potted and cut Christmas Trees

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Spruce up the garden for the entertaining season

As winter comes to an end, we start thinking about the long, warm summer evenings when we’ll be dining al fresco.

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Growing From Seed

To successfully germinate, a seed needs three basic things – water, oxygen and the right temperature.

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Purple & Red add dashing colour to the Summer Garden

Once we were almost totally reliant on flowers to give us colour in the garden, but there are now plenty of foliage plants that add contrasting splashes. Click on the link to find out more.

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Caring For Summer Vegies

Getting your vegies though summer can be a challenge, so here are some helpful tips:

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Reviving An Old Garden

The arrival of a new year is the perfect time to assess an established garden and plan any changes that might be necessary or desirable.

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Watering & Drought Protection

Follow this link to get some helpful tips on how to keep your garden hydrated through to the end of the summer months.

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