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Summer holiday survival guide for the garden


Summer is always a tough season for the garden. Add to that the fact that so many of us take holidays at this time of year, and it’s a wonder our gardens survive at all. So here are some tips to help your garden make it through the holidays.


Water is the key to summer survival for plants but much of the water that’s applied by conventional sprinklers or hoses is wasted. Make the most of your water by installing a do-it-yourself micro-irrigations system or laying some soaker hoses. These deliver water at the base of the plant where it gets straight into the roots. You can help water penetrate into hard or compacted soil by applying some Waterwise Soil Wetter, either in liquid or granular form.

Think about investing in an electronically-controlled water timer, but be sure to get all the bugs out of the system before you leave for your vacation. Perhaps you can ask a neighbour to keep an eye on the system while you are away.

Before you go away, check all your mulches and top up if needed (never spread mulch on dry soil).

Holiday plant care

Well-chosen plants can survive for long periods without watering. But if you’re going away for a few weeks, you’ll need to arrange for vulnerable plants to be watered. Potted plants are the ones most at risk, so here are some suggestions:

Keep burglars at bay.

An overgrown lawn tells everyone that you’re away. Mow the lawn as late as possible before you leave. Arrange for it to stay looking good by having someone come in to mow. As soon as you can after you arrive home, take a walk in the garden and check for any pest, disease or weed problems that might have developed while you’ve been away.


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