An alpha guide to the summer garden


A – Azaleas are attacked by leaf-spoiling lace bugs in warmer weather. Protect new growth with Yates Baythroid.

B – Beans are easy-grow summer vegies. Climbing beans like Yates Blue Lake take up minimal space.

C – Cut back long shoots on climbers so they don’t snare passers-by.

D – Daisies, which come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes, brighten summer gardens.

E – Eggplants love the warm weather.

F – Fuchsias can be trimmed back in mid summer.

G – Gardenias are looking at their best. Feed with Garden Gold and, once a year, with Iron Sulfate.

H – Hydrangeas can burn on hot days. Protect with a spray of Yates DroughtShield.

I – Indian Summer crepe myrtles are less likely to suffer from mildew than older varieties.

J – Jumping insect pests are also called leafhoppers. Control with pyrethrum or Yates Bug Gun.

K – Keep on top of summer weeds by spraying with Zero Rapid as soon as they appear.

L – Lawn Master keeps grass in good condition and lasts for up to three months.

M – Mildew on vegies can be controlled with a summer-strength spray of Yates Lime Sulfur. And, best of all, there’s no withholding period – your vegies can be eaten straight away.

N – Nectarines and peaches (pictured) are favourite summer fruit but they’re very susceptible to fruit fly attack. Use Nature’s Way Fruit Fly Control or bag individual fruit.

O – Over-watering kills many plants. Make sure soil drainage is adequate and don’t leave water-filled saucers sitting under plants.

P – Pick tomatoes, beans, zucchinis and other crops regularly. This promotes further production.

Q – Queensland Blue pumpkin is a firm favourite. Leave the fruit on the vine until it dies. They’ll then store for months.

R – Roses can be pruned in mid summer to promote an autumn flush. Yates Rose Shield Insect & Disease Spray.

S- Sweet corn tastes best when it’s home grown and picked fresh.

T – Tomatoes, too, are home garden favourites. Yates Tomato and Vegetable Dust will keep them in good health.

U – Update to the new, special 43rd anniversary edition of Yates Garden Guide.

V – Vines such as mandevilla, bougainvillea and pandorea add colour to the summer garden.

W – Water at the base of the plant to keep leaves dry and prevent fungal diseases.

X – Xmas is a great time to give a garden lover a new plant.

Y – Young plants may need temporary shade protection until they are established.

Z – Zucchinis are fast growing and productive in the home vegie patch.


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