Christmas Garden Preparation Checklist


If you’re hosting this years Christmas family event at your house, it is worthwhile getting your garden and entertaining area in shape. We have some really simple tips on how to get your garden in great form so you can impress your guests.

Christmas Garden Preparation Checklist

1. Garden

It’s simple to give your entire garden a much needed boost in mid December so it’s looking its best on Christmas Day. Yates Thrive™ All Purpose Liquid Plant Food now comes in a handy 2L hose-on pack, which can be easily and quickly applied over the entire garden.

It contains fast acting nutrients and trace elements for healthy green foliage and beautiful flowers. It’s a time saver, as you water and feed at the same time, so you can get back to wrapping the presents and stuffing the turkey!

2. Mulch

Spread a 2-inch-deep layer of mulch over your soil, can be one of the best things you can do for your garden. The mulch creates a covering for the ground, shielding the soil from the sun. This keeps it cooler, so your plant roots are happier, and prevents moisture loss from evaporation.
We recommend a mulch made from organic matter and has a soil wetting agent — this is going to help your soil in the long run as it decomposes and adds to your soil structure.

3. Lawn

For most of us, there’s never enough time to do all the jobs on your list before Christmas. Luckily greening up your lawn has never been easier or quicker using convenient Yates® Lawn Master™ Rapid Greening lawn Food.

In a handy ready to spray hose-on, one bottle treats 75 square metres of lawn. It contains a high level of nitrogen plus iron for rapid feeding and quick results on most lawns including buffalo.

Water the lawn deeply around a week before entertaining and raise the mower blades so you are not tempted to cut the lawn too short! Trim the edges then sit back and admire your lawn and enjoy the festive season.

4. Flowers

Remove spent blooms from many of your annuals and perennials, and you might see more flowers! This practice is called deadheading, and it helps prevent your plants from producing moreseeds so they put more energy into beautiful blooms.

5. Vegetables & Fruit Trees

So your tomatoes and vegetables should be looking good by now and your lemon trees should be showing early signs of fruit. We recommend that as you check the progress of your harvest you keep an eye out for pests.
If you have:

BUT most importantly…

Enjoy your Christmas celebrations with friends and family. Relax and enjoy your time outside. We look forward to helping you next year with your garden projects.

All the best and Merry Christmas from your friends at Yates! xox


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