Protecting potted plants in summer


In some ways, potted plants are the easiest to protect.

Angie Thomas from Yates shares, if you know it’s going to be hot the following day,move your pots into the shade the day before and fill their saucers with water.

“Filling up the saucer is not something we would normally recommend because plants don’t like their roots to be constantly wet, but on a hot day they will go through that
water,” she says.

Pots will dry out quickly in the heat so you’re looking to maximise their water absorption. Angie suggests mixing in a wetting agent such as Yates Waterwise Water Storage Crystals, especially for potted plants you might have had for some time.

“If the plant has been in the pot for a while, you can top it up with fresh potting mix and then mulch over the top,” she says.

For indoor plants, leave them in the bath on a towel and then fill the bath a little to allow them to drink while you’re out.


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