Eschallots, Kale, Peas & More (Copy)


Get Started With Eschallots or French Shallots

These mildly flavored onions (pictured) are a culinary delight, and great value productive bulbs to grow at home as each bulb will multiply ten-fold. Planted in winter, both golden and red varieties are harvested in late summer or autumn, and suit all areas, except the tropics.


Keep liquid feeding vegies, especially leafy crops like winter lettuce, spinach, kale and all the steadily growing brassicas to encourage more delicious growth. A super simple and quick way to feed leafy vegies is with Yates Thrive Easy Pods. Just pop 1 pre-measured pod into a 9L watering can and you’re ready to fertilise.

You can still sow seeds of broad beans, spinach, peas, sugar snap peas, radish, beetroot, onions, silverbeet and repeat crops of winter lettuce in most areas.

Speedy Asian greens can be sowed to fill gaps around slower growing crops like cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli. Check our sowing guide for your climate at

In cool zones place protective cloches (made from old plastic drink bottles) over young seedlings to keep them warm and protect from frost. Long lived vegetables like asparagus, rhubarb, garlic and globe artichoke can be planted during winter, along with strawberries in most areas (except the tropics and sub tropics). Improve the soil before planting by digging in handfuls of Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food to get these perennial favourites off to a great start.

In the warm sub tropics and tropical areas, vegie gardens are at peak growing and production, so keep watering well and liquid feeding with Yates Thrive Liquid All Purpose for the tastiest harvests. Keep common pests and diseases at bay with handy Yates Tomato & Vegetable Dust, in an easy to use shaker pack.

Peas Please!

Yates Earlicrop Massey is a heavy cropping dwarf pea that matures early with well filled pods of sweet delicious peas. Sow seeds directly into moist soil in the garden bed, or large pots, then hold off watering until seedlings germinate in around 7-10 days. Peas prefer an alkaline soil, so an application of Yates Hydrangea Pinking Liquid Lime and Dolomite will sweeten acidic soils.

Although these are dwarf peas, growing to around 50cm high, they’ll benefit from a low support, such as short lattice, or stakes wound with twine, which makes the succulent pods handier to harvest too!


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