How to grow garlic

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We love for garlic and this sentiment is clearly widespread with over 25 million tonnes of garlic being consumed annually worldwide.

The sometimes-subtle, sometimes-overpowering taste of garlic lends a unique flavour to countless dishes. Many much-loved culinary favourites are unimaginable with it.

Growing Garlic – It’s Oh so easy!

The best time to grow garlic is in the early autumn weeks. We recommend buying a bulb from a reputable nursery. Once you have your chosen bulb, remove the largest cloves of the bulb and plant them individually just below the surface about 3 cm deep with the tips of the cloves pointed upwards.

Do not: Plant the cloves too deep, as it can cause the clove to rot. The distance between rows should be approximately 16 to 19 cm apart. Soon the cloves grow roots and long narrow leaves appear above the earth.

Position: Full sun.
Water: Water regularly, however stagnant moisture should be avoided.
Soil: Well drained soil.
Harvesting: 5-6 months after planting.
When to grow: Plant in the early autumn weeks and harvest in Spring.

Your crop should be ready to harvest towards the end of spring, approximately six months after planting. When the green leaves start turning yellow, you know it’s ready to harvest. Lift the bulbs during a dry spell and leave them to dry in the sun for one week, then brush off the dirt and store in a dry cool place.

Growing Tips:


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