How to grow peas

Mar Wk3

“Peas are so easy to grow, they’re almost bulletproof,” enthuses Chris Smith from Sunland Seeds, one of Australia’s largest supplier of pea seeds to Australian farmers.

Since the advent of frozen, pre-shelled peas, very few of us ever seem to have the opportunity to taste fresh green peas. But Chris thinks the sweet flavour of a just-picked pea is something everyone should experience – and you’ll only get to do so if you grow your own. This is why Chris Smith believes that more Australian home gardeners should try growing peas.

“All you need is an open, sunny spot in the garden, with well-dug soil that’s previously been used to grow another, unrelated crop such as sweet corn or tomatoes,” says Chris. “And just one packet of seed will produce enough peas for a family, especially if the sowing is staggered over the next couple of months.”

Here are some of Chris’s other tips for home garden pea growers:

Harvest pods regularly to keep more crops coming and, at the end of the season, dig the plants into the soil so that they can add valuable nitrogen.

“Even first-time gardeners will find peas easy to grow,” concludes Chris. “And kids will be amazed to discover that peas don’t always have to come out of plastic bags in the freezer.”


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