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Winter Vegies

5 Top Tips for Starting your Vegetable Garden

Have you thought about growing your own vegies but never quite got around to doing anything about it? Well, there is not time like the present to put your vegie-growing plans into action.
Nuturing a vegetable garden at your house is very rewarding and a great activity that the entire family can get involved in. The few dollars that you spend to purchase seeds can save you several dollars when you reap a good harvest.

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Grow disease-fighting vegies

There are many vegetables in the Yates seed range that can help the body to fight against disease

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salad in box

Salad in a box

Here’s some advice on growing a crop of lettuce in a styrofoam box

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Grow your own organic vegies

Because organic fruit and vegies are a bit more expensive to buy, it makes so much sense to grow your own

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Grow your own salad

The freshest way to serve salad is to grow your own. This can be easier than you think.

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Grow the ‘Three Sisters’

Science has shown that these three vegetables, as well as being nutritious, do help each other to grow.

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How to grow tasty vegies (Quick Guide)

A step by step guide to get started growing your own vegies in the home garden.

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Tips on how to harvest your vegetables

A step by step guide to harvesting your own vegies in the home garden.

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Create your own Plant Tags

I know we have often planted seeds in our garden, to later forget what was planted where. It’s a common problem and we invite you to be apart of this mini challenge to come up with some creative plant tag ideas for your garden.

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There’s a Cabbage to fit any sized Garden

The trendiest and definitely most space saving way to grow cabbages is as microgreens.

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