Final Wrap Up of Herbs

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Garden ready!

The Parsley is so-so, it’s now too hot for the Mint except for the Chocolate Mint which seems unstoppable.  It’s in a garden bed and is taking over all its neighbours.  People say grow Mint in pots so it can’t go berserk.  However, all the Mint I’ve grown in pots has never been as productive and healthy so it’s a bit of a compromise.  I’m most happy with my Basil.  I have some in my raised beds around the vegie garden in different spots but I have reserved a spot near the back door and planted 4 Genovese Basil seedlings (I grew them from seed) in an old recycling crate.  It gets a lot of sun in this spot and being near the back door I often tip out water from cooking etc., into the pots/crates there.  Beyond the Basil are 4 long Chilli seedlings, also doing well in this full sun spot.  Tonight I picked and crushed some Basil onto my Spaghetti Bolognaise for dinner.  Can’t get fresher than that!