Dreams in Packets!

weddin di is talking about growing Pumpkin from South West Slopes

Garden ready!

While I was cleaning my potimarron seeds, I began thinking about all the seed collecting that I had been doing as a volunteer in our local native nursery. Nursery volunteers have been out over the past few months collecting seeds of our native plants to propagate. We have been amazed by the number the variety of species that we have discovered in our local area. I thought I woulds share this quote from two famous seed collectors. Jim and Jenny Archibald were some of the most important seed collectors of the last decades of the 20th century and the first ten years of this one. From their base and garden in Wales they set out every year to collect seed from such places as the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, southern Europe, Turkey, Iran, South America, the USA and Jim Archibald died in August 2010. He once wrote “What are seeds but dreams in packets?”Central Asia. Don’t you just love that!