Corn Glut.

weddin di is talking about growing Carrot, Sweetcorn from South West Slopes

Garden ready!

Today is too hot to do much outside. I tidied the greenhouse and washed out some pots to get ready for the seed planting marathon at the end of February. My shade structures are working well at keeping the plants cooler and also protecting them from the hot dry wind which is back again today. Monday is one of my regular babysitting days. I look after my two grandaughters twice a week. They love to garden and especially to pick veggies to take home for mummy and daddy. Tomorrow we will have corn on the cob for lunch and in the afternoon we will pick some corn for them to take home to their parents. It is great that they know where their food comes from. They live on a farm. They have cattle and sheep as well as a small veggie garden of their own so between the two families we are quite self sufficient. I can grow the veggies that need more attention such as corn. I can also grow root veggies in my sandy soil – they are on clay. Here is the corn I picked today.