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Tonight's Harvest.

weddin di is talking about growing Carrot, Beetroot, Eggplant, Parsnip, Pumpkin, Spring Onion, Capsicum, Sweetcorn, Zucchini from South West Slopes

Tonight we are having zucchini and corn fritters made with chick pea flour, grated carrot and beetroot salad and some more roasted potimarron. We are not srtrictly vegetarian but do enjoy vegetarian recipes. Tomorrow night is traditionally roas...

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Lovely Collection

weddin di is talking about growing Carrot, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Spring Onion, Zucchini, Herbs from South West Slopes

I picked these last night for dinner. We had guests. I made a vegetarian mousakka and all except the lentils and canned tomatoes came from the garden. I made a rocket and shaved parmesan salad and roasted potimarron. I wasn't planning on pickin...

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Bed #3 - the experimental zone

Scuba78Steve is talking about growing Beans, Tomato, Cucumber, Spring Onion, Herbs from Melbourne

Im up to the update of garden bed number 3 of my 5.

In this garden bed I have a new and very interstersting plant growing this year called a tomatillo. They are very popular in mexican cooking and look like a sm...

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Spring Onions...

Smeesy is talking about growing Leek, Spring Onion from South West

These little beauties are ready to harvest, in fact some have just made it in my coleslaw.  I am a bit behind in planting some more seeds to plant out in a few weeks but with work and Christmas I have not had much spare time.  The lee...

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Happy New Year!

Danika is talking about growing Beans, Carrot, Capsicum, Tomato, Zucchini, Peas, Cucumber, Herbs, Lettuce, Spring Onion from Melbourne

We've steadily been getting veggies and herbs out of our veggie patch for the last couple of onths but we seem to have hit a bit of a rut of nothing to pick!

We'd been doing well out of our carrots, lettuce and peas, and have had a bump...

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