Still Growing but some concerns

Madmarg is talking about growing Beans, Capsicum, Tomato, Peas, Beetroot from Adelaide

Garden in progress

I have a healthy looking garden as the photos will attest but… the tomatoes have been flowering with only the Grosse Lisse showing any fruit, the other three bushes look very healthy with even more flowers emerging but no sign of any fruit.  All my capsicums have emerging fruit, my beans are on the verge of flowering, but all the tomatoes began flowering at the same time but only one bush with fruit.  There are bees and hover flies in the garden so they should be pollinating???  Carefully lifted the peas and thinned and transplanted them, they look very healthy – I watered them in with Tomato & Vegetable liquid fertilizer.  Beetroot and Leb. Cues as well as Lettuce and Spinach are leaping ahead.  One further failure is that whilst the Parsley has emerged the Oregano hasn’t appeared.  Weather conditions have been good, so hopefully I’m just being a little anxious about the slow performance of my Tomatoes.