Romagirl is talking about growing Beans, Tomato from Hunter

Just starting off...

…Well I had thought so…. But look at my pic…. 4 Climbing Bean seeds were planted and 1 came up.   Hmmmmmm!

This is the 2nd batch of bean seeds I’ve planted –

The 1st batch produced 1 seedling which has since died.  I expected the first batch to be fertile and emerge quickly – the weather was perfect – alas – I over watered the seeds. :(

2nd batch was planted, all was done correctly – then it rained for nearly a week.  I had a little peep after the rain and there was a seed still intact so I waited, and waited – just as I was about to have a little dig around I saw a little green stem still curled over getting ready to pop it’s head out into the big world.  No others though so I had a little dig around and found … absolutely nothing but soil….

“Ok” I thought, “the weather is nice and hot, beans like a nice warm soil to germinate in, I’ll plant some more seeds”

So I did ….. and you know what?  Yes of course you guessed it – we had a big thunderstorm and it’s still raining 2 days later, it’s also very cold …

I wonder if beans really are the easiest vegie to propagate and grow  lol!  …..  I will keep persevering until I get the 5 little climbers I want though – even if I have to sow the entire packet hehe!  Next batch (if there has to be one) is going to be planted in a little pot and kept under the eaves until they’ve all germinated!

Actually, what am I talking about? These seeds have been sown in a large pot!  Ok, it’s pretty heavy but I have a strong hubby  and a wheelbarrow – I can move THIS pot under the eaves until they’ve germinated!!! 

You see, it really does pay to take part in Yates Garden challenge and write blogs – it makes one think of things they should have – but didn’t – think of in the first place…….  Hehehe!

I was pretty excited today when I checked my tomatoes (in between showers).  My Black Russian has about 4 or 5 little Tomatoes on it.  We’re so looking forward to trying this breed of tom as there has been such a mixed reaction about what they taste like.

…. And so that’s all from me today, I hope you are all enjoying your gardens


See you next time!Image result for smiley green bean face