The Sad Tomato Hospital

Sweet_Potato is talking about growing Tomato from Eastern Eyre Peninsula

Garden in progress

TheBornFarmer returned from his latest hardware store foray loaded down with 50c clearance tomato seedlings. There were 24 in all – 24 leggy, root-bound, random tomatoes. It’s a compliment I’m sure the way everyone thinks I can bring the dead back to life Like some horticultural Frankenstein. Even our local Mitre10 and my neighbours thrust sad seedlings at me to save. The truth is I’m ruthless these days – if a plant is looking poorly I often choose to euthanise. Frankly water, my time and TheBornFarmer’s efforts are all too precious to waste on wilted water-sucking veggies.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t try, especially as any excess success will become Christmas presents for the Italian in-laws and I happen to have dozens of plastic pots to recycle.

So, the process involves separating the punnets, selecting the strongest of the multiple stems, snipping away the low leaves and burying the stems several inches deep in a mix of composted cow manure and sandy soil. At 50c a six-pack if even one survives the surgery we’re winners!