Cabbage & Broccolini

ben and leons vegie patch is talking about growing Broccoli from Melbourne

Garden in progress

Varieties include:

  • cabbage mini cannonball   (grown for the 1st time)
  • broccolini happy rich F1    (grown for the 1st time)

NOTEthese were planted back in autumn/winter around June, so therefore are not part of this spring growing challenge, but I wanted to share my experiences about what I have been able to grow this year! I’m finding the cannonball cabbage is just taking way too long to produce with a total time of 4-5 months till harvest! not to mention they take up a lot of space that I could use for much more productive vegies ie: tomatoes, but we’ve already set aside room to grow a total of 16 plants so it’s not like we need anymore! lol

The broccolini on the other hand is great tasting and produces after just 3months! we ended up getting 3 flushes of yummy florets from each of our 12 plants so will definately be planting these guys again! this was also much more successful then my planting of regular broccoli the previous year which just resulted in massive plants which looked great with their HUGE green leaves but no heads ever devloped! 

They’re all going to seed now but I’ve kept them in the vegie patch as the bunnies love the leaves which is great because I find it such a waste not being able to do much with the leaves! We did try them out thinking they might make a good gai larn substitute which is a chinese broccoli grown for it’s crisp & sweet leaves but they were just a bit bland and not all that exciting. Anyways what the bunnies can’t finish will end up going into the compost heap so there’s no waste! :)