The Raspberry Patch & Rupert!

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Garden in progress

We decided after coming back from the long weekend in Castlemaine to plant some raspberries canes which our hosts at the B&B (where we stayed) had growing in impressive rows in their vegie patch which I was quite jealous of!

Anyways i’m always looking for any excuse to add even more plants to our garden and when supermarkets charge anywhere between $30-$40.00 a kilo why wouldn’t you? and half the time they just taste like squishy blobs with none of that flavour that only a freskly picked raspberry has!

Firstly we dug out two holes for the different varities we ended up getting, and mixed in cow manure and our home made compost so they get off to a good start in their new homes in the ground.

Our lovely bunny Rupert couldn’t help but come over for a nibble as soon as I had my back turned, so I had to quickly construct a barrier out of chicken wire mesh and bamboo sticks to protect them from any further damage. Here’s a photo of him heading towards them again after the barriers went up :)

NOTE: a good brand of cow manure is available in a white bag at Bunnings, but please make sure you get the 100% pure version and not the cheaper bag which is mixed with other materials! also if you don’t have a compost bin at home or find that you need compost quicker than you can make it then I highly recommend the 5in1 compost/plantfood mix available in a yellow and black bag at Masters which is great stuff and it also comes with the BFA tick as well!