Lettuce Have Success Beyond the Challenge

growalot is talking about growing Capsicum, Sweetcorn, Tomato, Zucchini from Melbourne

Garden in progress

Don’t think anything will be ready by Tuesday so the only success I can claim during the challenge is the Lettuce which includes a mix of Cos and The Yates Buttercrunch. I’ve been steadily munching my way through wishing I had some Tomatoes and Cucumber ready too but älas not yet. Little Cucumbers are forming as are Zucchinis. Tomatoes are flowering but a long way off! No Sweetcorn or Capsicum to eat this year. Thankfully I’ve always had something to pick and eat from my garden though not part of the challenge. I have enjoyed lots of Mulberries, citrus, broad beans, spinach, silverbeet and many herbs. Looking into next month I see a glut of Apricots, and hopefully reasonable success with my current plantings!