If I stare at it, will it grow faster?

teaganm91 is talking about growing Beans, Tomato, Capsicum, Squash, Peas from Perth

Garden in progress

I’m so happy that I haven’t killed my plants!! Now if only they will ripen and I can eat them!

I did actually pick off a pea that had grown and ate it, after washing my home made pesticide off it, it was DELICIOUS! Best pea I’ve ever had ! There is another one grown that i’m waiting till it gets bigger and another 3 blossoms on the plant.

The tomato plants are doing well, the bigger bushes have a few lovely sized tomatoes on them. Just waiting for them to ripen. The next generation of tomato plants are developing their true leaves so will be transplanted sometime in the week. And we have ordered 8! That’s right! 8! Types of tomato plants, yelllow, pear, beefsteak and oxheart to name a few. And upon doing some research last night I want a gigantomato, the fruit can get as large as a rockmelon!

The runner beans are doing what they’re named for and one particular plant has shot off like crazy and is up to my belly button!

The black capsicum has a little fella on it that is growing steadily. The other plants are too little still for blossoms.

The squash has a heap of flowers on it and 2 went to full orange beautiful bloom the other day. And have now settled down to produce me some lovely yellow squash.

All the plants seem to be thriving well, and my partner has just installed some drippers into the box’s along with some drippers into the tree’s pots.

It’s set to get awfully hot this week so only time will tell what fairs well. Lucky my partner will be home and can keep an eye on things if they start to get droopy!