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Sizzling Summer

Don’t let the sizzling summer sun fizzle the nutrients in your soil!

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Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Don’t let your plants suffer through the summer heat. Yates® Waterwise® DroughtShield is like sunscreen for your plants.

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Bye Bye Bugs!

Say farewell to the dreaded “Bronze Orange Bug” with Nature’s Way Citrus and Ornamental Spray.

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New Gardening Workshops – The Inside Dig!

We’ve partnered with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and Centennial to offer exciting new range of courses.

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Angie Thomas, Horticulture Consultant to Yates provides monthly garden advice on what you should be doing at this time of year.


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Our Staghorn & Elkhorn have both developed a large black area on the bottom of each plant
Hi Margaret, Thank you for contacting Yates. Sounds like both plants are suffering from sunburn. Being a subtro...
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Our Staghorn & Elkhorn have both developed a large black area on the bot... View Answer
What Weed is this in our Pavers? View Answer
i get a die back in rose stems after pruning , outer bark appears dark ... View Answer