A taste of Tahiti

From freshly squeezed juice in a refreshing drink to marmalade, cakes, desserts and marinades, limes can be used in multiple ways in the kitchen and they are an easy plant to grow in many places around Australia. ‘Tahitian’ limes are heavy bearing trees growing to around 4m tall, with juicy fruit that is harvested green when the limes are around 6cm in diameter. Tahitian limes need a warm frost protected position and well-drained soil. They can also be grown in a large container filled with good quality potting mix such as Yates® Premium Potting Mix.

When planting a new lime tree, mix some Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser into the bottom of the planting hole. Dynamic Lifter improves the quality of the soil and supplies the newly planted lime with gentle, organic nutrients as it establishes.

Summer citrus care

Small fruit developing on many varieties of citrus trees during summer heralds what we’ll be enjoying during the cooler months. We can help nurture those promising fruitlets by taking a few simple citrus care steps over summer:

Check out the latest summer edition of Growing With You, Click below to view full screen.


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