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Indoor watermelons

There is a wonderful array of different foliage types and colours to choose from when it comes to indoor plants. If you’re after an indoor plant with fascinating leaf patterns, then look out for a watermelon peperomia (Peperomia argyreia). It’s easy to see why they’re given their name, as their fleshy leaves look delightfully like watermelon skin.

Initially a difficult to source collector’s plant, they’re becoming easier to find and make a hardy indoor plant. Not growing much taller than 30 cm, they’re great for smaller spaces like desktops and bookshelves. Like other indoor plants, watermelon peperomia can help purify the air, so they’re good for your health as well as looking amazing.

Here are the steps to help keep your indoor watermelon peperomia flourishing:

Propagation tip: you can create more watermelon peperomias with leaf cuttings. Cut a leaf in half, dip the cut ends in some Yates Clonex Purple Rooting Hormone Gel and gently insert the cut ends into moist Yates Seed Raising Mix. Keep the mix moist and roots and new leaves can develop, creating a new little plantlet that can be planted up into a small pot to establish and grow.


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