Caring for summer weary lawns in February

Weeds creeping in?

Weeds are opportunistic and will invade a lawn when it’s down! Weeds can creep into lawns during summer if the lawn has been under heat or drought stress (or both!).

Broadleaf weeds like dandelions, capeweed, plantain and thistles will start to pop up, particularly in any bare spots which are an open invitation to weeds. Get the weeds under control before they have a chance to flower and set seed, as this will create multiple future generations of weeds.

If you have a couch or a kikuyu lawn, Yates® Weed’n’Feed®" is a quick and easy hose-on solution for broadleaf weed control. If you have a buffalo lawn, use Yates Buffalo Pro® Weed’n’Feed, which has been specially designed to be safe for buffalo lawns. Both Yates Weed’n’Feed and Yates Buffalo Pro Weed’n’Feed also contain nutrients to give the lawn a quick green up. Just what the lawn needs at the end of a long hot summer!

Lawn herbicide tip: before using a hose-on herbicide in summer, to prevent damaging the lawn water the lawn well (so the soil is moist and the lawn is not suffering from moisture stress), allow the foliage to dry and then apply the herbicide in the cool of the early evening.

Continued vigilance for lawn armyworm

Lawn armyworm can continue to damage lawns in late summer, stripping the turf foliage in rapidly expanding patches. These caterpillars aren’t easy to spot, as they hide in the thatch layer of the lawn. Birds pecking at the lawn is one armyworm indicator, together with dying and dead patches of lawn.

Yates® Baythroid Advanced Insect Killer For Lawns is a concentrated and fast acting formulation that will control common summer lawn pests like armyworm and webworm, as well as grasshoppers.

For lawn armyworm control, water the lawn both before and after applying, to help move the insecticide down into the thatch where the armyworm can hide. It’s best to apply Yates Baythroid in the late afternoon, as lawn armyworm start to emerge in the late afternoon and evening.

For grasshoppers, apply when they are active, ensuring the lawn is thoroughly covered.


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