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Growing radishes is super easy!

If carrot and radish salad with Middle Eastern spices sounds delicious, you’d like to try making pickled radishes or radish salsa appeals to your taste buds, then you can easily grow radishes at home, to satisfy your gourmet desires.

And it’s super easy to grow radishes using seed tape, which is easy to handle, saves time and contains pre-spaced seeds which require less thinning out. Being so simple to use, seed tape is great for gardening with kids.

Yates® Radish Red Rubin Seed Tape can be cut to any length and grown in either a vegie patch or pots (seed tape is ideal for using in troughs). Red Rubin Radishes are plump, cherry-red globes with crisp white flesh. They’re quick to grow, being ready to pick in just 4 – 8 weeks after sowing.

Here are the simple how-to steps for using Yates Red Rubin Radish Seed Tape, which can be used throughout Australia during February:

Here’s the carrot and salad recipe from


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