Rose pest watch and a living Valentine’s Day gift

Summer is prime time for mites (known as red spider or two-spotted mites), which can quickly infest roses and other flowering plants during hot, dry weather. It’s difficult to see mites with the naked eye, as they are very tiny. It’s easier to see the symptoms, which include yellowing and mottled leaves and when populations are large, mites can create a mass of fine webbing, similar to a spider’s web.

Yates® Rose Gun Black Spot & Insect Pest Killer can be used to control mites on roses and other ornamental plants. Be sure to spray both sides of foliage, as mites often hide underneath leaves.

Keep the soil (or potting mix) around roses moist and continue to apply Yates Thrive® Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food around the root zone and water in well. It’s a complete and balanced liquid fertiliser that has been boosted with extra flower promoting potassium. Spread or top up a layer of mulch, like bark chips, lucerne or pea straw around the root zone, which will help keep the soil moist and protect the top soil from baking sun. Reapply Yates Thrive each week to encourage healthy new foliage growth and lots of flowers.

Roses are a traditional gift for Valentine’s Day, however a bunch of cut roses will be gone so quickly. Consider a growing gift of a potted rose, that will live for years and be a beautiful reminder of your heartfelt love! Perhaps you can give your Valentine a hint that you’d prefer a living rose……

Here’s how to keep your potted rose looking fabulous:


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