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Black plum – Australian bush tucker

Diospyros australis goes by the common name of black plum or sometimes grey plum or yellow persimmon. Its Aboriginal (Yolngu) name is Burrpurr.

It’s native to the east coast of Australia from south east NSW to tropical Queensland and is a small rainforest tree that produces plum-like berries in autumn and winter. The 10 – 15 mm berries start out yellow and turn black as they ripen. Berries are at their sweetest when they’re soft and black and are perfect for using in jams, jellies and chutney.

This bird and insect attracting tree has glossy green leaves and a profusion of small creamy yellow flowers from October and planting several trees will assist pollination and therefore fruit set.

The black plum prefers moist soil and can tolerate heavy shade. Being a rainforest tree it needs protection from wind and harsh afternoon sun. It will grow 4 – 10 m tall but can be pruned to shrub size in a garden or smaller if grown in a pot. The black plum is also known for its fire retardant properties and can be grown as a hedge.

Australian native plants like the black plum can be given a feed each spring and autumn with Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser, which gently releases organic nutrients to promote healthy growth. Water regularly and mulching around the root zone with organic mulch, like bark chips, will help keep the soil moist and also add valuable organic matter to the soil as it breaks down.

The black plum is available in the ‘Tucker Bush™’ range of edible Australian native plants.

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