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Rosy relations

Strawberries are in the same plant family (Rosaceae) as roses, apples, pears and stone fruit. That is one impressive family tree!
If you love eating fresh strawberries or using them in irresistible desserts like cheesecake, pavlova and trifle you’ll be familiar with how expensive they can often be to buy in the supermarket and how quickly they can turn to grey mush once you get them home. So, it’s time to trying growing your own strawberries so you can have these delicious berries right at your back door.

Strawberry crowns or runners can be planted during July in cool and temperate areas. In warmer zones look out for potted strawberries to plant during winter.

Growing Guide

  1. Choose a spot that is well drained and enrich the soil first to create the best growing environment.
  2. Before planting your strawberries into a sunny position, mix some Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver and Plant Fertilier into the soil. It’s a concentrated and pelletised blend of manure, blood and bone, fishmeal and seaweed which helps improve soil quality and water holding ability and encourages earthworms and beneficial soil microorganisms.
  3. Keep the new strawberry plants well watered and once new growth emerges, start feeding each week with a complete plant food such as Yates Thrive Strawberry & Berry Fruit Liquid Plant Food. It contains a balanced blend of nutrients which will promote healthy green leaves, encourage a strong root system and lots of juicy berries.
  4. Mulching around strawberry plants with lucerne, pea or sugar cane straw not only helps to keep the soil moist, it will also lead to cleaner berries.

If you don’t have space in your garden (or even if you do..) strawberries are a perfect potted plant and look fantastic in hanging baskets, ‘strawberry pots’ and troughs.


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